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Cooking With Fish

Australians are eating more seafood each year, but many people are still not confident when it comes to buying, storing and cooking fish.

There are many quick and easy ways to cook fish. Some fish may appear expensive when compared with other foods, however it should be noted that when you buy a fillet of fish there is no waste.

Fish has a low fat content and is high in omega-3, so there are many well-documented health benefits from including fish regularly in your diet.

Because of their low fat content, fish usually require shorter cooking times than beef, lamb or chicken, so be careful not to overcook. Try the fork test. When a fork can be inserted smoothly and cleanly into the fillet it is cooked. The flesh will be white and flaky.

Most fish can be prepared in varied and interesting ways such as steamed, poached, baked, barbecued, grilled, fried or even eaten raw. Our favourite way to cook fish is to simply dust it in a little seasoned flour to lock in the flavour and moistness, then shallow fry in a little butter over a medium heat. For a special occasion, try Baked Red Emperor or Thai Red Fish and Prawn Curry.

Fish which has been properly cared for from the moment of catch will be fresh tasting and delicious with very little else needed to enhance its natural texture, tenderness and taste. A little salt and lemon juice is usually all that is needed. 


Pan Fried Fish Fillets.jpg
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Baked Red Emperor fillet
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