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TomKat KoolPak

Protecting The Planet

One Box at a Time

TomKat KoolPak is a patent published, environmentally responsible packaging system designed to protect product, preserve the environment and improve social license.


Half a billion polystyrene fish boxes are used globally by the seafood industry every year - that's enough to circumnavigate our planet 6 and a half times! 90% of these mostly single use containers make their way into landfill, the ocean and the food chain! The environmental, economic and health impacts of polystyrene are immense and its continued use is no longer environmentally responsible or socially acceptable.

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As fishers, our ethos is sustainably fishing for the future. Like all of the wild catch seafood industry, our business relies upon the health and resilience of the oceans. Reducing the use of polystyrene within industry demonstrates our pledge to undertake environmental best practice. This, in turn, improves our social license. Seeking to fulfil our vision to be a leading supplier of premium quality, wild caught reef fish, we were not content transporting our product in environmentally unsustainable polystyrene fish boxes. However, the market provided no alternative which matched polystyrene’s thermal performance, so we created our own. This invention is a commercial fisher driven solution to a problem which the seafood industry has been dealing with for many years and illustrates that "necessity is the mother of all invention."

Our Patent pending, environmentally responsible packaging system sets a new bench mark in the transportation of fish and seafood worldwide... watch this space as this project is developing quickly!

90 Second Pitch.

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TomKat KoolPak Protects Product

  • Superior thermal performance

  • Anti-bacterial, food grade liner

  • Temperature logging with your mobile phone

  • No noise or chemical smell

  • Durable: no risk of small fragments breaking off

  • Sealed edges improve insulation and eliminate bacterial contamination

TomKat KoolPak Preserves the Environment

  • 100% recyclable: cradle to cradle principles of sustainability

  • Chemically neutral

  • KoolPak App traces each KoolPak through its entire life cycle


TomKat KoolPak Additional Benefits

  • Flat packable for efficient transportation and storage: over 120 containers per pallet

  • Rotational reuse: with each use the system becomes more cost effective

  • Independently replaceable components

  • Light weight and strong


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Protecting the Planet:

One Box at a Time

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