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Family Tree: Saddletail Snapper, also known as large-mouth nannygai share the Lutjanidae family with Red Emperor, Mangrove Jack and Goldband Snapper.

Appearance: Saddletail Snappers are typically deep-water fish inhabiting tropical and sub-tropical waters. They are generally red or pink (crimson) with a dark blotch behind the top fin. The dark “saddle” blotch becomes less distinctive with age. Juveniles have a dark stripe across the head and at the base of the tail fin. Saddletail can grow to 100 cm and weigh in excess of 15 kg. They are a long-lived fish and have been aged up to 33 years. They can be found in a range of depths from 5-120 m. 

On the Table: Saddletail Snapper are an excellent eating fish. They have superb firm, flaky white flesh which is moist with a delicate, yet generous, flavour and low oil content. They are a medium-priced fish which makes them very affordable for every-day eating. Saddletail snapper fillets are extremely versatile and they can be prepared in a wide range of ways including grilling, poaching, deep frying, shallow frying, baking, steaming or on the BBQ.  Simple pan-frying, in a small amount of butter, allows for a range of different flavours and textures to be developed. Although Saddletail Snapper are often large, the smaller fish are excellent baked whole and make and excellent buffet piece.

Saddletail Snapper

Lutjanus malabaricus

Processing Room blast frozen fish
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