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Ruby Snapper

Etelis carbunculus

Family Tree: Even more elusive than the esteemed Red Emperor, Ruby snapper or Ruby’s as they are affectionately called really are as precious as their namesake: rubies. They are one of the most highly valued table fish in Australia.

Appearance: Ruby snapper are a vivid red to orange in colour with a white under belly. They have a large mouth with some sharp teeth inside and a hardy, elongated, barrel shaped body. The tail is forked and has a white tip present on the lower lobe.

Ruby snapper inhabit deep-waters ranging between 100 - 400 metres, preferring areas of sloping reef and rock. Due to its deep-water habitat, many recreational anglers and restauranteurs are unfamiliar with this remarkable fish. 

Ruby snapper grow to around 30kg in weight and can grow to over 120cm in length although a typical sized ruby is around 10kg in most locations.

On the Table: Boasting moist and tender firm, white flesh, Ruby snapper are not only one of the finest tasting fish in our oceans, they are also one of the most valuable. Ruby snapper score 10 out of 10 on the taste scale, so if you ever get the opportunity to taste one of these magnificent fish, don’t let it get away.

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