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Rosy Snapper

Pristipomoides filamentosus

Processing Room blast frozen fish

Family Tree: Rosy Snapper is a deep water tropical snapper frequently referred to as Crimson Jobfish, King Emperor, King Snapper, Rosy Jobfish or Rosy Job-fish. This species is closely related to another excellent eating fish the Goldband Snapper, Pristipomoides multidens. They share the Lutjanidae family with Red Emperor and Mangrove Jack. 

Appearance: Rosy Snapper are characterised by having long pectoral fins which are flushed with yellow and a forked caudal fin. They are rosy-pink over the back fading to a pinkish-white belly with narrow yellow lines and blue spots around the snout. The dorsal and caudal fins are light blue or lavender with reddish-orange margins. The leading edge of each scale is dull blue and the margin is golden, giving the fish a distinctly speckled appearance.

On the Table: Rosy Snapper are a medium-priced fish and very affordable for every-day eating. They are a very versatile fish with a mild to medium flavoured firm flesh and low oil content. They are an excellent buffet piece, either whole or filleted and are also becoming popular for sashimi. Try coating Rosy Snapper in plain flour which has been generously seasoned with lemon pepper seasoning. To test if fish is cooked, gently push a fork into it. If it flakes easily and has lost its opaque look, it is cooked.

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