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Redthroat Emperor

Lethrinus miniatus

Family Tree: Redthroat Emperor also known as Tricky Snapper, Sweet-lip or Trumpeter inhabit coral reefs, usually feeding in small schools over sandy and rubble areas between bommies and along reef edges during the day. At night, they move out onto open sandy areas to forage for crustaceans, echinoderms, molluscs and fishes - preferring crabs and sea urchins.

Appearance: Typical colouration is bright red to orange on spiny dorsal fin, base of pectoral fin, around eyes and inside the mouth. They have large eyes for feeding at night.

On the Table: Redthroat Emperors are superior table fish with moist, firm, flavoursome white flesh which has large flakes and a mild, sweet flavour. They are ideal in fillet form for frying, grilling, barbecuing or steaming. Poached emperor can even be served chilled for a delicious healthy summer dish. Redthroat emperor are also an ideal fish to bake whole.

Teriyaki complements these species superbly, and Redthroat emperor fillets can be marinated in other similar mild flavours. If baking whole, try stuffing with herbs and nuts.

Redthroat Emperor have a low oil content so avoid overcooking. Test with a fork. When cooked, the flesh will flake easily and will lose its opaque look.

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