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The Right Fish

for the Right Dish.

People often ask us, "Which is the best fish?" or "What is your favourite fish?" This is actually quite a difficult question to answer as it depends on a number of factors. Fish need to be looked after properly from the moment they are hooked until the moment they are cooked. By despatching fish using the humane method of Iki Jime, then placing in a good brine solution to cool down, fish will always maintain a nice flavour and texture. Tom always maintains "Fish First" and looks after the fish before anything else. Your intended purpose is also important. Most people are familiar with Red Emperor and Coral Trout, and while we agree that these fish are superior table species, some lesser known, or possibly firmer fish also make excellent eating if looked after properly. So, as with most things, it often comes down to individual preference and attention to detail, rather than the species of fish alone.

In addition, there has long been confusion over fish names in Australia. Species are often known by more than one name, or the same name is used for more than one species. In 2007, the Australian Fish Names Standard AS SSA 5300 became Australia’s official standard for fish names.

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