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Goldband Snapper

Pristipomoides multidens

Processing Room blast frozen fish

Family Tree: If Coral Trout and Red Emperor are the jewels in the crown, Goldband Snapper, also referred to as Gold Band Jobfish and Goldbanded Snapper is definitely the gold. Sharing the Lutjanidae family with Red Emperor and Mangrove Jack, the Goldband Snapper is a fish worth trying.

Appearance: Goldband Snappers are deepwater fish inhabiting tropical and sub-tropical waters. They are characterised by having the last ray of their dorsal and anal fins much longer than the preceding rays, and by the absence of scales on the bases of their dorsal and anal fins. Their pectoral fins are much longer than the snout length.

Goldband Snapper have 2-3 orange-yellow stripes on their snout and under their eyes and there are thick yellow transverse stripes or markings between their eyes.

Commonly caught at 600g-1.5kg and 30-45cm, they can grow to 4kg and 58cm.

On the Table: Goldband Snapper are a medium-priced fish which makes them very affordable for every-day eating. They are a very versatile fish with a mild to medium flavoured firm flesh and low oil content which makes them great for the BBQ, pan frying, grilling or steaming. They are an excellent buffet piece, either whole or filleted and Goldband snapper of the superior quality we provide at TomKat Linefish can be used for sushi and sashimi. Try roasting Goldband snapper with a tasty baste of soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, coriander and chillies.

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