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TomKat Line Fish

Sustainably Line Fishing for the Future


TomKat Line Fish is a unique family owned and operated fishing business operating out of picturesque Kurrimine Beach,  Far North Queensland.

Our vision is to be identified as a leading supplier of premium quality, wild caught reef fish.

Our benchmark is to exceed freshness and deliver guaranteed traceability.

Our story begins in the pristine waters of the Outer Great Barrier Reef and continues through the complete process of harvesting, processing and marketing top-quality reef fish direct to consumers.

Our aim is to fish sustainably, reduce wastage and maintain the health and resilience of the Great Barrier Reef.


The TomKat Team

Tom with Red Emperor in Processing Room.

TomKat Line Fish owner, Tom Long, has been hooked on fishing since he was a young boy. He first fished commercially in Tasmania in 1984, before completing a plumbing apprenticeship. Although he built up a successful plumbing business, Tom never stopped dreaming about the sea. 
TomKat Line Fish was launched in 2007 with Tom fishing from his home town of Kurrimine Beach and marketing his fish wholesale in Cairns. Due to the care Tom took of his catch from the moment it was hooked until the time of unload, it didn't take long before Tom had a reputation of consistently providing fish of the highest quality and many buyers were keen to purchase Tom's sustainably line caught, premium quality reef fish.

Eventually, after a lot of hard work, determination and perseverance, in 2014 Tom embarked on his dream of processing and marketing his own premium quality reef fish direct to market. "Consumers are interested in the provenance of their seafood, and by supplying direct to market we can tell our story."

Tom's wife Kath, also a keen angler, helps out with the processing and marketing.

Kath enjoys meeting tourists who visit their shop located in Kurrimine Beach and offering visitors an opportunity to have a look at the processing room and other aspects of the business. 

With approximately 75% of seafood consumed in Australia imported from overseas, Kath is passionate about educating consumers about the provenance of their seafood and the need for consumers to be aware of the potential damage mass catch techniques are doing to the marine environment and fish stocks.

Kath and Red Empeor
Seafood Awards.JPG

TomKat Line Fish: winners 2018 Queensland Seafood Awards Small Business Category. Tom and I were absolutely thrilled to be nominated for this award, flattered to become finalists and honoured to be voted as the winners. The Queensland Seafood Industry Awards showcase the Queensland seafood industry; its value to the national economy, its professionalism, and its commitment to supplying some of the finest seafood in the world to local, national and international markets. 
While receiving the award was a privilege, the highlight of the evening was meeting and networking with so many amazing and inspirational people involved in all aspects of the seafood industry. As always, we would like to acknowledge and thank the QSIA, Queensland Catch, Peter Horvat, the FRDC and Fish-X.

We are incredibly honoured to have been selected as one of three finalists in the National Awards to be held at Seafood Directions in Melbourne on the 9th and 10th of October 2019.

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